Emkay helps you to systematically plan and execute financial strategies based on an in-depth understanding of your needs, your appetite for risk and the products that are available in the market.

We follow a three-step process for managing your wealth

Step 1 - Understanding your needs and goals
Different individuals have diverse needs and goals in life. The practice of wealth management tries to ensure that your finances support these goals at every stage of your life. So, our first step to developing your customized investment portfolio is analyzing your needs and goals.

Step 2 - Executing investments
While channeling your finances towards achieving your goals, we take in to account aspects like your cash flow requirements and your risk appetite. A right balance is struck between investing in liquid assets and in medium and long term investments. We suggest investment across various asset classes such as stocks (equities), mutual funds, debt assets etc. in varying proportions, depending on your profile. This helps in optimizing returns and ensuring risk mitigation through a diversified portfolio.

Step 3 - Reviewing portfolio at regular intervals
With constant changes in the business and economic environment it is important to review the portfolio from time to time and make necessary alterations whenever necessary. This helps in aligning the portfolio to the investment objective.