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Our People

At Emkay, we truly believe that our people are our greatest asset. An optimum mix of youthful talent and experienced professionals helps us offer insightful solutions that meet client goals consistently.

We recognize the vital role our talented employees play in the company’s success and continuously invest in their futures. Regular training and skills development programs ensure that our employees remain at the cutting edge of their respective domains. A potent mix of rewards & recognition and ample growth opportunities keeps them motivated.

Sharanabasappa Jade

Head- Human Resources

Education: MHRDM, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. PGDBM, Gulbarga University.

Roles and responsibilities at Emkay: No organization can function without people, and ensuring the health of this system is Sharanabasappa, the person behind all the people in Emkay. With over two decades of experience across banking and financial services, Sharanabasappa brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding at managing the critical and complex function of Human Resources.

Our Culture

"Your success is our success" is the guiding principle of our organization's work culture. We provide our employees with a work environment that is conducive to work in. We partner our people in realizing their personal goals and in giving wings to their dreams.

One thing that sets us apart from other firms is our strong and inclusive work culture. We recognize that company growth is a function of individual growth and actively create an environment that encourages excellence.

Enjoying Each Other’s Success

A key aspect of Emkay’s work ethic is our strong team identity. We share mutual pride in our teammates’ accomplishments and cheer each other on constantly. Our warm, collaborative culture ensures that each team member performs to their potential and feels appreciated for their contributions to the larger team goals. Enjoying each other’s successes and being a champion for the team are deeply rooted values that permeate the entire organization.

Open and Dynamic Work Environment

We strongly believe that innovation does not happen behind closed doors and restrictive walls. Our open and highly interactive work environment is the crucible from which we deliver quality service. Employees are free to communicate with leadership teams. In fact, we consciously encourage dialogue across all levels of the organization to ensure smooth communication.

Respect, Trust and Continuous Improvement

Fostering mutual respect among employees is a core value at Emkay. We are firm believers in the power of teamwork and ensure each team member feels valued for their contributions and talents. At Emkay we are in persistent development mode – we keep trying to get better at what we do and how we do it. This relentless pursuit of excellence reflects our commitment to offer our customers nothing short of the best. We strive to earn our customers trust by exceeding expectations consistently and treating them as fairly as we like to be treated ourselves.

Performance Oriented Work Culture

Excellence both at the individual and the organizational level is a cherished goal at Emkay. We reward merit. Our performance-oriented work culture encourages employees to contribute to the fullest, secure in the knowledge that their efforts will be duly recognized and rewarded with career growth and attractive incentives.

Employee Speak

Emkay Trainings

We firmly believe that investing in our people is a great way to invest in our business. We offer all employees expansive opportunities for learning, personal growth, and development. The leadership team at Emkay also plays a key role in encouraging the spirit of inquiry and continuous development among employees.

Induction Program

A comprehensive induction programme called ‘Shubharambh’ prepares new employees for a successful career at Emkay. The new employee orientation program includes a series of training courses covering a wide variety of themes like corporate culture, product knowledge, etc.

A welcome message from the Managing Director and an orientation from the Head HR sets the tone for new joinees at Emkay. They get a glimpse of life at Emkay through video walk-throughs of the various departments in the company and an interactive chat session that connects new employees across different branches of the organization.

Training and Development Programs

Our intensive training programs and workshops help uncover employees’ hidden potential and talents. They equip employees with the latest knowledge in their specific domains to help them contribute even better towards client goals.

The leadership team’s emphasis on independent thought and encouragement for innovative ideas allows employees to excel across all levels of the organization.

Soft Skills Training

Besides offering employees domain specific training, we also help them in their personal growth and development goals. Leadership development, Conflict Management, Team Building, Effective Communication Skills, etc are some of the programs that are organized regularly.

Emkay Care

Our employees are of utmost importance to us. From recognizing their professional achievements to appreciating their engagement and loyalty to the company to covering them in the case of unforeseen emergencies, our initiatives reflect our deep commitment to our employees and their well-being.

Health and Well-being

We ensure the health and well-being of our employees through regular medical attention and check-ups that helps them be prepared for any possible health-related crises. We also conduct regular sessions on nutrition, health, well-being and fitness.

Rewards and Recognition

Emkay’s Rewards and Recognition program rewards individuals and teams who have made unique and outstanding contributions above and beyond the normal expectations of their position, and which support Emkay's strategic priorities.

Long Service Awards

For a majority of our employees, Emkay is not just another job. It’s a place where they build long, solid careers. We recognize the loyalty of these employees through Long Service Awards.


We’ve all heard the adage about how “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Not at Emkay, though. We are constantly buzzing with energy and activity, making life at Emkay exciting in every way.

In order to bring together people across departments, we organize a variety of fun events like Emkay Comedy Nights, Emkay Master Chef and more round the year. These events seek to unleash employees’ bottled up energies and reveal their latent talents. Events like Emkay Premier League help build a sense of teamwork and community across different levels of the company and strengthen bonds between them. A healthy sense of pride and belonging is another happy side-effect that we actively hope to foster with these events.

In our experience, the right balance of fun and work makes for happy and productive employees.