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Independent thinking & strong fundamental research, building strong and long-term relationship with clients, and speedy execution using robust technology - these are the Four pillars of the Emkay Institutional Equity Team. Our aim is to add value to our investors, who are seeking opportunities in the Indian capital market. And to achieve this target, our equity research, sales & sales trading, and corporate access teams work in sync for the best possible results.

Emkay's Institutional Equity research capabilities are well-demonstrated and appreciated across the industry. Emkay Research is ranked 12th in the list of top equity research firms in India as per the institutional Investor Survey 2015. This and many awards that have been conferred upon our research team and research analysts over the years substantiate our clients’ views.

Apart from our expertise in Stock Research, Sector Research, Thematic and Macro Economic Strategy, our Institutional Equity research team is also well-known for its specialization in identifying mid-tier companies early on.Thus, through our stock market investment research, you as an investor can unlock value and generate strong returns from these mid-sized companies in the long run.

Emkay's equity research also extends to diverse quantitative research. Our expert research team regularly analyses the cost of carry, put-call ratio analysis, volume and open interest analysis, and implied volatility analysis amongst others. This also includes using various technical indicators and parameters for buy or sell recommendations.

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Sales and Servicing

The second pillar of the Emkay Institutional Equity Research team is the highly qualified and competitive Sales Team which helps build strong and long term relationship with clients.

Our Sales team comprises of around 10 highly qualified people, each with an average experience of 7+ years. What elevates the team's quality is their hands on experience in both, the buy-side and sell-side research. This helps us provide you with a wide array of high-quality services including portfolio servicing.

We at Emkay believe in engaging with clients regularly and in keeping our investors up-to-date on developments in the Equity markets . This takes form of equity research reports from our research team as well as regular news updates. We also conduct corporate client interactions through conference calls and meets with the company management. Road/Sectoral shows and our Annual Flagship Conference - Emkay Confluence help you get unbiased views of the listed companies in their industry.


Sales Trading

There cannot be an Equity Sales team without a Sales Trading team. Our Sales Trading Team is among the most experienced in the industry, with each sales trader having average of 15 years experience. This vast experience delivers value to clients across categories (Mutual Funds, Insurance companies, Banks & Family offices) through successful liquidity sourcing with the least impact cost.

This expertise is leveraged across both cash and derivatives segments, and is the reason Emkay commands a significant market share in institutional trading in both segments. In fact, we have been a pioneer in India when it comes to making markets for long-dated options, and we remain the biggest institutional broker in the options segment.


We at Emkay Institutional Equities team take pride in our state-of-the-art execution management system which is amongst the best in the industry, and gives us tremendous flexibility in managing high-touch as well as DMA orders. Moreover, our robust algorithmic trading infrastructure utilizes parallel platforms, with built-in redundancies at the software and hardware levels. In sum, we ensure all your execution needs are taken care of, with the least friction.

We don’t just believe in gathering expertise, but also in delivering great execution.