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Issue Profile

Company NameIssue TypeOffer PriceNSE Curr.Price(₹)BSE Curr.Price(₹)Issue OpenIssue Close
Aartech Solonics Ltd. Public Issue 34--3612/03/201918/03/2019
Anmol India Ltd. Public Issue 33--31.512/02/201914/02/2019
Artedz Fabs Ltd. Public Issue 3638.95--18/03/201920/03/2019
Artemis Electricals Ltd. Public Issue 60----24/04/201930/04/2019
Ashapuri Gold Ornament Ltd. Public Issue 51--4813/03/201918/03/2019
Chalet Hotels Ltd. Public Cum Offer...280317311.729/01/201931/01/2019
GKP Printing & Packaging Lt... Public Issue 32----23/04/201926/04/2019
Gleam Fabmat Ltd. Public Issue 10--6.3519/02/201922/02/2019
Humming Bird Education Ltd. Public Issue 132--14115/03/201919/03/2019
Jinaam's Dress Ltd. Public Issue 59----09/04/201915/04/2019
Jonjua Overseas Ltd. Public Issue 10--10.712/02/201915/02/2019
KHFM Hospitality & Facility... Public Issue 3636.05--22/03/201904/04/2019
KPI Global Infrastructure L... Public Issue 80--68.5508/01/201911/01/2019
Kranti Industries Ltd. Public Cum Offer...37--38.1514/02/201920/02/2019
Mahip Industries Ltd. Public Issue 32--30.3526/02/201901/03/2019
Metropolis Healthcare Ltd. Public Cum Offer...880970.45966.2503/04/201905/04/2019
Mindpool Technologies Ltd. Public Issue 3017.75--14/02/201920/02/2019
MSTC Ltd. Public Cum Offer...120105.95105.313/03/201915/03/2019
Northern Spirits Ltd. Public Issue 43--37.3522/03/201927/03/2019
Osia Hyper Retail Ltd. Public Issue 252279.5--26/03/201928/03/2019

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Nikkei 22522200.560.50%
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NSE Index11752.8-0.29%
BSE Auto 20201.09-0.18%
BSE CARBONEX1946.3-0.37%
BSE CPSE 1451.7-0.32%
BSE DFRGI971.91-1.36%


Crude Oil4436-0.45%
Mentha Oil1604.40.33%


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