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A blend of diverse, in-depth and impactful analyses, Emkay's research capabilities are well demonstrated and appreciated across the industry. The many awards that have been conferred upon our research team and analysts over the years substantiate our clients' views.

Emkay Research is known for its specialization in identifying mid-tier companies early on, which helps clients like you enjoy strong returns in the long run. It's also well known for its bespoke research, conducted while taking into account a clients individual research requirements.

Our Research is largely divided into: Perspective Research, Corporate Research and Alternative Research.

A Closer Look at Our Research

Perspective Research

Take a step back and look at the big picture. Emkay's Perspective Research division helps you comprehend all the movements in the economy, companies & sectors that impact your investments at both macro and micro level.

Thematic Research

Our research analysts are constantly on the lookout for key themes, aspects and factors that influence your investments.

They then deep-dive into these thought-based ideas and examine every facet of the factor at hand. This could be as small as a micro-economic factor like local rural economic behavior.

Economy & Strategy

Our seasoned research team understands all the economic drivers and factors them in when presenting data that impacts your portfolio.

It regularly publishes reports on factors such as fiscal policy, government debt, prices of key commodities like oil and gold or even currency fluctuations that have a deep impact on investment strategies.

Interested in Our Research

Recent Research Reports

Corporate Research

Studying individual or groups of corporate companies, analyzing their financial attractiveness and rating them as potential investment avenues is all in a day’s work for our experienced research team. They delve into organizational hierarchies, to financial holdings, to ownership structures of handpicked corporate companies. Further, our exposure to large corporates and managing their portfolios give us a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of corporate research.

Sector Research

Our research analysts build regular sector reports that offer a well-rounded view of key sectors. Thereby helping you indentify the sectors where you’d want to park your funds in.

Forecasts on where each sector is headed, analyses of current and historical performance as well as government policies and their impact on the chosen sector all form integral components of our sectoral research reports.

Bespoke Research

We also offer you custom reports, tailor-made for investment themes that you have a direct interest in.

Bespoke research includes - studying historical performance of an individual stock, projecting their future results and uncovering unknown facts about popular stocks that hold the key to winning investment decisions.

Our bespoke research offering gives you the opportunity to explore upcoming opportunities armed with solid, insightful research.

33 Research Analysts 224 Companies Across 19 Sectors

Alternative Research

Emkay Research also conducts diverse Quantitative Research studies. Where in you get access to timely reports on varied topics like: Cost of carry, Put-call ratio analysis, Volume and open interest analysis, Implied volatility analysis etc.

Our research team also publishes buy or sell recommendations on the basis of various technical indicators and parameters like index and stock options activities; algorithmic trading; delivery volume, and trading volume trends.