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You can have all the right strategies in the world; but if you don’t have the right culture, you’re dead. – Patrick Whitesell

And that’s what Emkay believes. Our excellence and efficient service to you is only possible
because of happy, motivated employees – our greatest asset.

Our people

Experience is touted to be the best teacher in life. As Emkay’s client, you would find yourself dealing with the right mix of adept, knowledgeable veterans and sprightly professionals. This balance of energy and wisdom in our financial services business helps us meet your goals – be it in the sphere of institutional investment or wealth management.

To enhance this talent further, we regularly conduct training and skills development programs that ensure cutting edge service. To add to this, we have a successful rewards & recognition program to ensure our people are motivated.

Our culture of success

What keeps people at Emkay happy is a conducive environment where successes are shared and celebrated – every single one. And this is what sets Emkay apart – our ability to encourage the dreams of our people, set up an inclusive work culture and take pride in every team member’s accomplishment. After all, the company’s growth is exponentially dependent on our employees’ excellence.

A key aspect in this mix is appreciation – the warm feeling that every member should feel about his or her contribution and achievement. At Emkay, this is an essential part of our work culture. We inherently enjoy every individual’s success as a team.

Dynamic Work Environment

Cross-organisational dialogue is one of the key strengths of Emkay’s open work environment, one that we are proud of. This is why we have ensured an open and highly interactive work environment where everyone communicates without restrictions and fear.

Pursuit of excellence

Change is the only thing permanent. And this is only beneficial if it leads towards excellence.

At Emkay, we constantly encourage our employees, analysts and managers to augment their skills and talent to get the best possible results. Persistent development is a key trait of Emkay’s people. This unyielding determination to give you the best and only the best is the underlying energy that drives our people at Emkay. And this is what ensures our clients go back happy and content with Emkay’s service.