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Growing wealth is not easy. It’s a long hard journey that often sees unexpected twists and turns. To navigate the journey and come up a winner, you need the right financial coach by your side. Enter Emkay.

Emkay’s experienced team of wealth advisors design and implement sound financial strategies based on your short-term and long-term goals, risk appetite, and market movements. A strong and competent research team forms the backbone of our financial practice and offers insightful pieces of information that help us steer our clients’ portfolios in winning directions. Our Private Wealth Management team has proven its mettle to the 10,000+ clients who have put their faith in the able hands of our wealth advisors and fund managers. In an ecosystem where it’s easy to be carried away by market sentiments, our research-backed by independent decision-making model has borne fruit consistently over the years.

Three-Step Process

What makes Emkay one of the top wealth management firms in India is our three-step process. This is how it works:


Understanding your needs and goalsEach one of us wants different things from life. Whether it is a vacation abroad, saving for a child’s education or growing the assets of a family-owned business; the investment needs are distinctive in their own way. Our wealth management practice begins by investing time in understanding exactly what goals each client holds, what constraints they operate under and what their appetite for risk is. Armed with this information, our team of wealth advisors and private fund managers charge headlong into building personalized investment plans that hit your goals consistently.


Executing investmentsThe best-laid plans are useless when they are not executed right. And this is an essential part of our Fund Management services. We care about getting even the little things, just right. For example, we will never put all your eggs in one basket. Your investments are secure with our Private Wealth Management team’s judicious choices between short-term, long-term and medium-term instruments and varying assets classes.


Reviewing portfolio at regular intervalsAs part of our Wealth Management Service in India, we keep a close watch on critical aspects of your investment strategy like your cash flow requirements or sudden changes in the investment environment and make the required course of corrections, before blindly following the script of your investment plan. Our Portfolio Tracker service helps you monitor your wealth in real-time, giving you complete control over your finances through transparency and solid reporting.

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Emkay’s Private Wealth Management practice offers you a diverse bouquet of investment solutions straddling both the traditional options and newer, bolder avenues. From Equities to Mutual Funds, Debt, Bonds & Fixed Deposits to IPOs, Treasury Management, Retirement Planning, Online Broking to Depository Services; your money will be spoilt for investment choices.

Unified View of Your Finances So far, piecemeal updates from different fund houses and instruments you put your money in have been the reality of most investors’ lives. The onerous task of collecting all this information and collating it into a single resource remains a deal breaker. Emkay takes the drudgery out of financial planning, investments, and fund management. Our Portfolio Tracker service offers a unified view of all your investments (with Emkay and otherwise) in one place. The tool empowers you to be as hands-on or hands-off as you desire. Design, maintain, track and adjust your entire portfolio at will with this powerful tool.

Track the Market in Real-time Financial markets are volatile places. Predictions that have held true for decades can change in a moment’s time. At Emkay, we recognize this fundamental behavior of financial markets and make sure you’re always prepared. Our timely market updates and news flashes offer you in-depth information about Indian stock market outlook, market movements, important announcements, new policies and more.

Access to investment insights and perspectives by our research experts Emkay ensures that your financial decision making is grounded in real, reliable data. Our large team of financial experts, research analysts and is dedicated to gathering stock market insights, analyzing it and generating actionable research reports that inform investment decisions. Direct access to this exclusive reporting takes the guess-work out of financial forecasts and ensures that your money works doubly hard for you.

Videos: on different sectoral, market and economy perspectives. One of our key differentiators is imparting indepth sector, macro, markets knowledge with the multi media approach. A popular way many clients access our data is via expert videos. These simple one-on-one videos give clients a quick overview of sectoral, market and economy-related changes in a language that is easy to understand and tips that are easily implementable even by laypersons without any financial training.