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A leader in the financial services space, Emkay Global Financial Services has a strong record of building wealth for clients like you for over two decades. We offer you the entire spectrum of financial services backed by one of the strongest and highly awarded research teams in the country.

Our primary services consist of institutional equities, portfolio management services, wealth management and investment banking. We also offer commodities, currency derivatives and retail broking services. Our deep expertise in specialized areas like Futures & Options trading offers you the winning edge.

A Closer Look at Our Services

Institutional Equities

Managing an institutional investor demands a thorough understanding of the markets, an ability to identify market movements before anyone else and sheer management acumen to successfully trade in remarkably large amounts of money on an everyday basis.

Our foundation in equity research offers us a huge advantage that we pass on to institutional investors like you. As a company that operated purely as an Institutional Broker for the better part of two decades, Emkay has deep roots in the area of Institutional Equities.

You can rely on Emkay's award winning research division that tracks both macro- and micro-economic movements as well as those in the stock markets with a hawk's eye. Our research reports offer you an in-depth understanding of the direction in which the market and economic tides are moving and help you make informed investment decisions.

You can also get the best Institutional Sales and Trading experience with Emkay, which aims to conduct trades with the least impact cost possible – a pre-requisite for successful trading.

Organise management meets, con-calls, company visits

We don't just offer institutional investors like you our cumulative financial wisdom; we can show you the very proof. We take you up, close and personal, with the companies that you put your money into. Visiting office and factory locations, having face to face meetings with key management stakeholders at these companies all help you gauge the current and future potential of your investment.

Portfolio Management Services

As a professional investor, you may be aware that buying and selling individual stocks is very different from nurturing a robust and well-distributed portfolio. Building a portfolio of equities spanning diverse sectors and risk levels requires a specialized touch. This is where Emkay's vast experience and in-depth understanding of the Indian stock markets comes handy.

Our professional Fund Managers, Advisors and Research Associates are trained to build, nurture and manage your portfolio for consistent, long-term growth.

A combined experience of over 25 years helps our Portfolio management team identify the best investment vehicles to suit your investor profile. Our aforementioned research division offers a strong backbone of industry data and analysis to make informed decisions on your behalf. With Emkay, you can use our proprietory stock evaluation module called E-Qual Risk to help you compare companies on a series of qualitative and quantitative aspects using your individual risk-return needs.

Regardless of whether you're a corporate house, a non-resident individual or a high net-worth individual, Emkay has services that can be tailored to your needs. Some of our portfolio management services include:
  • Fund allocation across assets, sectors and risk appetite
  • Manage risk exposure
  • Portfolio monitoring and rebalancing
  • Investment advisory

Wealth Management

Wealth management is no easy art. Emkay takes a scientific approach to ensure your high net worth assets and investments to grow substantially.

To this end, we follow a systematic approach to wealth management that is rooted in a deep understanding of your portfolio, your goals, motivations, and risk appetite. Our Wealth Management practice involves three key steps.

Understanding your investment profile We invest time and energy in truly understanding what your needs and goals are; what limitations you operate under; your risk appetite, investment horizon and more to develop a financial strategy that's tailor-made for you.

Investment planning and execution We strategize and execute an investment plan that focuses on rapidly growing your investments as per the in-depth profile we develop.

Regular monitoring No investment plan is a success without effective portfolio monitoring and adjustments. We closely track your portfolio and the markets on a regular basis. Our observations help us reign your investment portfolios from time to time, insulating them from adverse stock market movements or helping them ride a growing stock market wave.

Investment Banking

Emkay's Investment Banking arm equips marquee private equity funds with sound financial advice and investment options. We go beyond the obvious market trends and unearth hidden opportunities for you that help your investments enjoy a winning growth trajectory.

We strongly believe in cultivating a close relationship with you, and spend extensive hours understanding every facet of your business, unearthing the motivations behind every important business decision. This thorough grip on what makes your business tick helps our investment banking team offer investment insights that are aligned to maximizing your strategic business goals on a consistent basis.

Our key offerings include

Private Equity Placement, Qualified Institutions Placement, Rights Issue, Corporate Advisory