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It is not enough to grow your assets; it is equally – if not more – important to protect them.

As a full service insurance broker in India, we at Emkay understand the true value of each asset you own and offer a wide range of insurance products and services to cover them against unforeseen eventualities. From personal insurance policies to specialized policies for small businesses, marine insurance, travel insurance and employee benefit schemes; we cover the entire gamut of insurance products.

We don’t just sell insurance, our able team also assists you in assessing your risk profile and obtaining the best value for your assets in case of insurance claims and settlements. Here are the various types of insurance services we offer:

Insurance for individuals

Ever considered how much risk you are exposed to on a daily basis? Some of these risks can be mitigated through a simple insurance policy. There are different kinds of insurance, for Individuals like you. Here are the insurance products that you can avail from Emkay.

Insurance for businesses

Businesses are run well primarily because of quality assets. No company can be profitable without these. This exposes you to a whole new level of risk. Imagine if a manufacturing company’s key machinery got spoilt because of water in the factory or a service firm’s key assets – employees – were harmed! You need not worry about these any more with the wide array of business insurance offerings from Emkay. Here is a look at all the Insurance products for businesses.

Claims assistance

The world of insurance may not be easy. There is a lot of paperwork involved. Often there is a fine line between claim approval and rejection. And this is all it takes for your insurance to be useful. Emkay offers Claim Assistance services, which can guide you through this maze called insurance.

Risk Management

Emkay can also help you identify and analyse all kinds of risk. These need not necessarily be under the purview of the insurance policies specified. This includes risks to your person or business.

Once we identify your risk, Emkay also offers advice on setting up the appropriate systems to minimize or even eliminate such risks. This solutions-driven approach, in turn, saves you money on insurance premiums and lowers your overall expenses.

Know your Insurance

The world of insurance can be quite confusing. In your journey towards insurance protection, you may come up with many questions. Answers to these may not be easily found. In such a case, A guide that answers all important Insurance questions can come really handy. Allow us to answer all of your queries and doubts in your journey towards insurance protection.