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It takes more than time and energy to run a business. The sheer sweat and toil involved in turning a business profitable – and continue it over time – is valuable beyond scope. Then why expose yourself to unnecessary risks that could threaten your business? Get your company insured – it could very well be the difference between profit and loss.

Here is a look at the different insurance policies available for business:

Asset / Property Insurance

Your business depends on key assets like factories, plant and machinery, electronic equipment, etc.

Project Insurance

You can also get individual projects insured separately. This helps you avail niche project-based coverage.

Consequential Loss Insurance

You also protect your business and its profits from specific causes like fire, machinery or explosion.

Marine Insurance

As specified earlier, insurance policies that are specific to certain industries; in this case,

Liability Insurance

Problems can arise out of varying reasons like legal issues; wrongful acts by executives and officers;

Vehicle Insurance

  • Commercial VehicleThis policy protects vehicles registered for

Travel Insurance

  • Corporate Overseas TravelCover your employees who travel abroad for work

Credit Insurance

Protect your business against bad debts like the failure of a customer to pay his trade credit debts within the

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

Fidelity insurance protects organizations against loss of money, securities, or inventory resulting from infidelity,

Aviation Insurance

One single aircraft carries millions of passengers in its lifetime. This can go to moot with the smallest damage

Employee Benefit Schemes

Your employees are your biggest strength. You can show them you care by insuring their health and life.

Interested In Our Insurance Solutions

To know more about any of these insurance visit our Knowyourinsurance Space